Selection of Site for a Railway Station

The following factors are considered when selecting a site for a railway station.

Adequate land There should be adequate land available for the station building, not only for the proposed line but also for any future expansion. The proposed area should also be without any religious buildings.

Level area with good drainage The proposed site should preferably be on a fairly level ground with good drainage arrangements. It should be possible to provide

the maximum permissible gradient in the yard. In India, the maximum permissible gradient adopted is 1 in 400, but a gradient of 1 in 1000 is desirable.

Alignment The station site should preferably have a straight alignment so that the various signals are clearly visible. The proximity of the station site to a curve presents a number of operational problems.

Easy accessibility The station site should be easily accessible. The site should be near villages and towns. Nearby villages should be connected to the station by means of approach roads for the convenience of passengers.

Water supply arrangement When selecting the site, it should be verified that adequate water supply is available for passengers and operational needs.

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