Requirements of a Passenger Station Yard

The main requirements of a passenger yard are the following.

(a) It should be possible to lower the signals for the reception of trains from different directions at the same time. This facility is particularly necessary at junction stations so that all the trains what are to be connected with each other may be received at the same time.

(b) Unless all trains are booked to stop at the station, it should be possible to run a train through the station at a prescribed speed.

(c) In the case of an engine changing station, an engine coming from or going to a shed should cause minimum interference in the arrival and departure of trains.

(d) An adequate number of platforms should be provided so that all trains can be dealt with at the same time.

(e) There should be convenient sidings where extra carriages can be stabled after having been detached from trains or before their attachment to trains.

(f) There should be provision of facilities for dealing with special traffic such as pilgrim and tourist traffic, parcels in wagon loads, livestock, and motor cars.

(g) Stabling lines, washing lines, sick lines, etc., should be provided as per requirement.

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