The following types of platforms are provided on Indian Railways.

Passenger platforms

These are provided to facilitate the movement of passengers and to help them entrain and detrain. Passenger platforms can be of three types, namely, rail-level platforms, low-level platforms, and high-level platforms. These have been discussed in detail in Chapter 26.

Goods platforms

These platforms are provided for the loading and unloading of goods and parcels onto and from wagons. The essential features of these goods platforms are the following.

(a) A goods platform is normally surfaced with bituminous carpet or concrete. In the case of light traffic, moorum or water-bound macadam can also be used.

(b) The height of a goods platform is l.07 m for BG, 0.69 m for MG, and 0.61 m for NG lines. The height of the platform is measured from the rail level and is such that the platform surface is flush with the floor of the wagon for the easy loading and unloading of goods.

(c) Adequate storage accommodation is provided on goods platforms for the storage of goods and parcels.

(d) Mobile cranes or fixed overhead gantry cranes are provided for the handling of bulky and heavy parcels.

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