Main Building Areas for Different Types of Stations

The main facilities provided in the case of a small station are a waiting hall, booking hall, assistant station master's (ASM) office, and storeroom. Different designs have been standardized for each type of station by the various railways, which provide all the facilities required by small and medium-sized stations. When considering big stations, however, the design of an individual station building has to be drafted based on the requirement of passenger traffic with due regard to its architectural features.

Central Railways has prepared a type drawing for wayside stations, which provides different facilities for different types of station buildings as summarized in Table 26.2.

Table 26.2 Facilities at different types of stations

Type of


Plinth area


Scale of facilities

Type A


Waiting hall, booking and ASM office, and storeroom

Type B


Waiting hall, booking and ASM office, parcel office, and storeroom.

Type C


Waiting hall, booking and ASM/SM office, parcel office, inspection room, and storeroom.

Type D


II class waiting hall, upper class waiting hall, booking office, ASM/SM office, storeroom, parcel office, inspector's waiting room

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