Coaching Stock

The different types of passenger coaches include the electric multiple units that are a part of suburban trains and conventional coaches such as II class, I class, II sleeper, ac three tier, ac two tier and ac I class coaches.

In 1994-95, Indian Railways had a stock of about 3600 EMU coaches and 30,000 conventional coaches capable of carrying a total of about 3.7 million passengers. These coaches have three basic structural designs.

(a) Integral coaches built by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Perambur, Chennai

(b) Integral coaches built by Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML), Bangalore

(c) Non-integral wooden body coaches made in accordance with the Indian Railways standard design (IRS)

Some of the salient features of these three types of coaches are given in Table 24.8.

Table 24.8 Salient features of IRS, ICF, and BEML coaches




Type of body


Light metal

Light metal

Type of structure

Wooden body

All metal, all

Similar to an ICF

resting on rigid

welded integral

coach except that

steel underframe

coach of a tabular

here load is taken


by the floor




Coach dimensions Overall width

3250 mm

3250 mm

3250 mm

Overall length

21,031 mm

21,337 mm

21,336 mm

Overall height

3886 mm

3886 mm

3926 mm

Damage during


Less damage

Same as ICF

collisions and derailments


because of the presence of an anti-telescopic structure in the end walls to absorb shocks

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