Chennai Suburban System

Commuter traffic on the suburban railway system of Chennai is carried on the following sections.

(a) Chennai Central to Trivellore 42 km (BG)

(b) Chennai Beach to Tambaram and Chengalpattu 60 km (MG)

(c) Chennai Beach to Royapuram and Gummidipoondi 47 km (BG)

The Chennai Beach to Tambaram section carries the bulk of commuter traffic. This section is electrified and the trains comprise an EMU stock. The Government of Tamil Nadu has recently approved the construction of Chennai metro corridors from Tiruvottiyur to the airport via Chennai central (31 km) and Ponnamallai to Chennai beach (13 km).


With the rapid increase in the population of the metro cities in India, a rail-based mass transportation system has become the need of the hour. Its capacity is 10 times more than that of road transport systems and it also has a much better safety

record. The Delhi metro has been a successful experiment and other state governments are also preparing plans for introducing a similar system in their metro cities.

Review Questions

1. Distinguish between surface and underground railway systems. Enumerate the factors that favour the selection of one over the other.

2. In what way has the underground railway system assumed considerable importance and promise for the metropolitan transport system? Describe briefly the principle tasks involved in the construction of an underground railway system.

3. Briefly state the problems of a metro tube railway.

4. What do you understand by a metropolitan town? What are the problems of a metropolitan town with regard to its transport system?

5. Discuss briefly the various types of transport that can be provided in a metropolitan town and the relative advantages and limitations of the same.

6. What are the essential features of an underground railway? What do you understand by the cut and cover method of construction of an underground railway?

7. Briefly discuss the problem of transport in Delhi. Give the salient details of the MRTS scheme of Delhi.

8. What are the salient features of the Kolkata metro railway? Enumerate the technologies used in its construction.


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