Carriage Washing Platforms

Terminal stations are provided with the facility for washing carriages so that passenger bogies can be cleaned and washed properly. This consists of two or three long sidings that can accommodate the entire length of the rake and washing platforms that are provided between the sidings. The salient features of these washing platforms are the following.

(a) Washing platforms are long platforms of a height equal to the height of the carriage floor that are generally made of cement concrete. In the case of BG lines their width is about 0.61 m.

(b) The washing platform is equipped with a number of hydrants for washing the carriages. An adequate water supply is made available to ensure that the pressure of the water inside the hydrant is sufficient.

(c) A washing platform is normally provided between two tracks so that two carriages can be washed simultaneously.

(d) The tracks are supported on masonry structures and have adequate arrangement for the drainage of water.

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